We are the cloud based provider of all the tools you need to document your Independent Study accomplishments.

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Signup with any of the signup buttons on any of our pages. All our sites will use the same account. If you use social signup there is a higher certainty of identity and this may be beneficial when it comes time to certify your learning.

Select a course or a program of curses and start reading, listening of viewing the content on our Open Lecture platform. At the end of each page, you will be given choices and must select the once containing content you just received.

All choices are from the course you are taking but only one is from the page or segment you just reviewed. As you complete each text you are given a key code to save for your records and use to enter more advanced levels.

If sections are available for the course you took and completed, you will want to register for the OpenSection that corresponds to the course you just took.

You will then be given times and dates for participation and depending on the popularity of the course you and other learners will compete with out learning robots for standing and demonstrate your learning and reasoning capabilities.

Finally you give your oral response to concepts and challenges based in the content you studied. You are timed and must respond quickly from memory. You will lbe judged on relevance of your responses as well as clarity and linguistic form

Our customized specialized search engine will require you to form relevant questions in standardized format and respond to you from pre-screened relevant data only. You queries and evaluations of results will be added to your learning portfolio and improve your demonstration of learning.
We are building the Client tools and have a beta release available now. Preliminary content is expected in beta release in Fall to 2015. Full release and client access is expected in Fall 2016.